Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation Workshop

Your gut is a well calibrated system of bacteria also called flora - that helps keep your whole body healthy.  Disturbing this balance can have an impact on your wellbeing, however, understanding how it works and looking after your gut means it will look after you.  This workshop will show you how fermentation of certain foods work and how to make a wide range of fermented foods. Kombucha, Kefir, Kimchi, sauerkraut.

Suitable for age 11+ (children will require adult supervision)

Please bring with you a 2 x large coffee size glass jar and also 1x small glass jar.  

These are to take your starter kits home.

Event Date Location Individual Price Capacity Registered Available place Register
Sat 13th Apr 2019 11:00 am £11.00 10 6 4
Sat 17th Aug 2019 11:00 am The Green Place £11.00 10 0 10