1. Choose your preferred Pod below and click Choose Day & Time to see which times are available. When you book, you will pay a deposit which is non-refundable and will be taken off your final bill on the day.
  2. We use pagers in the Pods to alert you when your food is ready to be collected. These may beep or buzz and flash...please watch out for these in order to collect your food as soon as it is ready.
  3. You will book the Pod for 1hr 45min which leaves us 15min to clean the Pod for the next customer. Please ensure that you vacate the Pod by this time to allow cleaning to be performed.
  4. Finally, if your group are splitting the bill, we would prefer you to sort this out yourselves and pay for the whole meal together. We are able to split bills if nesessary but we really need you to work out the amounts of the split before coming to pay.

Thank you for helping our new system to run smoothly. Enjoy your Pod experience!

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to accommodate requests for changes to Pod bookings, given sufficient notice, however this cannot be guaranteed. All changes will be subject to a £5 admin fee to cover our costs. 


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